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The AEK project
Last year my son turned 9 years old. We got him a birthday cake of AEK. At the end of the year AEK got the greek cup. This year my son turned 10 years old. He gave us 10 cents from the dirty broom of the waiter and the Harry Potter book with the wish that no one bothers him at the school. Which brings the memory of the AEK - REAL game at the New Filadelfeia stadium which came 3-3.


1-0 This is the One night at Louki song of Katsimiha brothers in conjuction with Poios einai aftos song.

And of course there is always the pedagogical Men at work Land Down Under song.

2-1 Filippos Nikolaou Ligi tixi naha

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7/1/2014 6:40:38 PM
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