Image Processing, Computers and Fun
A Medical Image Registration Story

What is the meaning of the image seen in puzzle MRI ? We have published this image with Enformatika as an Automated Method for Non-Rigid  Registration of Medical Images. We are publishing it again as a Registration of Binary Images with the Weighted Ratio Criterion. Here are the meanings:
  • Nietszche writes in Thus Spoke Zaratustra: To men I am still something between a crazy and a corpse.
  • It is the wonderful outcome of my son as an infant consuming The Pre Nan milk by Nestle, very similar to mother's milk.
  • It is the message that with love and by taking your medication you should not be worried about mental diseases.
  • It is the message that with love you can face the premature usage of technology devices.
  • It is my son skiing at top level above the army level.

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