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as reported on Althouse Blog .Could this be the real Jack Frost?An icicle resembling a human face has drawn claims it resembles the mythical Jack Frost. 

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Old Man Winter or Jack Frost; an icicle discovered hanging from a home in Lake Stevens, Washington State, US

Old Man Winter or Jack Frost; an icicle discovered hanging from a home in Lake Stevens, Washington State, US Photo:

Locals in chilly Washington state in the northwestern United States suspect the icy figure of folklore has put in a personal appearance in the town of Lake Stevens.The icicle was found hanging from the home of local man Jeremy Olden and the photograph posted on a community website.The uncanny ice structure, in which a head complete with hair, a forehead, nose, mouth and beard appears to jut from a thick icicle, has bemused locals in the town of 40,000 residents which is experiencing typically freezing winter weather.

With his origins in Viking legend - he was known as Jokul Frosti, meaning "icicle frost" - Jack Frost was later adopted in English folklore.

Also known as Old Man Winter, Jack Frost is an elf-like figure who personifies winter and its chilling effects on our surroundings.

The US is experiencing particularly severe winter weather, with snowstorms battering much of the country.

The Midwest and surrounding states has been especially hard hit, causing holiday traffic chaos.

Winter storm warnings have been issued for Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and the Dakotas, with up to 20 inches of snow forecast in parts of the Rockies.


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