How to stop nervous cough

Using the Informatics - Automation - Control  method I describe in my Pedagogical Page I will describe here a nervous coughing case of a 7 year old boy and how it is faced.

The boy used to cough continuously at home only, whereas it was absolutely normal anywhere outside  home. The pediatrist said that the condition is of nervous nature and there is no sign of a disease that could cause the cough. Probably the child missed the play at school and elsewhere and expressed it with a continuous cough. The Automation phase included a weekend where the cough was diminished with a kind approach and setting the rule that it could cause damage to the health of the child. During this weekend we kindly approached the effort of the child to reduce coughing. The Monday after this weekend the child started after school to cough again. A second rule was set that the reason was the cold water that was drunk during the school break at school time. The child with this rule completely eliminated coughing for several hours. In fact the boy started to sing Opera spontaneously. Another stimulus (an English lesson) made the child to start coughing again but this time it was faced (after the lesson) with a strict approach and a loud voice saying that it is not acceptable to cough when it is possible to eliminate it. This was very effective based on the fact that a person that is not ill should not have the signs of an illness. The strict approach based on logically accepted rules eliminated the cough of the child.

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