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  • Το τραγούδι "Πρώτη του 2000" (First of year 2000) του Διονύση Σαββόπουλου το αφιερώνω  στον Μπάρακ Ομπάμα και τους νέγρους της Αμερικής που πήρανε το Νόμπελ Ειρήνης, σε όσους κάνουν έρευνα σε Medical Image Registration και σε όσους κάνουν σωστά τη δουλειά τους όσο ψηλά και να είναι.
    Πρώτη του 2000 (First of year 2000 link)

          The song First of year 2000 of Dionisis Savvopoulos is dedicated  to Barack Obama and the niggers of US who got the Nobel peace prize, to the researchers in the field of Medical Image Registration, and to all the people who do their job right. 



  • Το τραγούδι "Αυτό" (This) του Θανάση Παπακωνσταντίνου με το Διονύση Σαββόπουλο μου φέρνει στο νου τη φράση "Αγάπη είναι να μην μπορείς" που είναι από ένα σκίτσο που δημοσιεύθηκε στην εφημερίδα Τα Νεα τη δεκαετία του 80 που έδειχνε ένα ζευγάρι να κάνουν έρωτα. Επίσης μου φερνει στο νου ένα παιδικό εφιάλτη μου ότι κοιμήθηκα το βράδυ και δεν ξύπνησα ποτέ το πρωί.              

          Αυτό (This)(LINK)

           The song Auto (This) of Thanasis Papakonstantinou with Dionisis Savvopoulos reminds me of the phrase (Love is not to be able to) which is from a sketch in newspaper Ta Nea from decade of 80's which showed a couple to make love. It also reminds me of a nightmare from my childhood that I slept at night and did not wake up in the morning.

My son's composition about the summer 2010 vacation in Potidaia Chalkidiki.

Related to this song is the Aharnis description given in the link below. It is given here in order to introduce some randomness

Aharnis by Dionissis Savvopoulos based on the work by Aristofanis. Dedicated to the memory of Miltiadis Evert and Konstantinos Kosmopoulos who died at the same time period with this incident.


  • To τραγούδι Χριστούγεννα του Διονύση Σαββόπουλου το αφιερώνω στα παιδιά και σε όσους αισθάνονται παιδιά, σε όσους χρησιμοποιούν ασύρματες επικοινωνίες αιχμής και περιμένουν για δώρο ένα λάπτοπ ή ένα κινητό καθώς και σε όλα τα άτομα με ειδικές ανάγκες.


             Χριστούγεννα (Christmas)


            The song Christmas of Dionisis Savvopoulos is dedicated to the children and all of those who feel like children, to all the people who use wireless communications like mobiles and laptops and to all the people with special needs.

       Relative Links: Κου-κου Skyhopper Robot by Giochi Preziosi

                               Sony Vaio Laptops - Microsoft Skydrive

                               Publication on non-rigid medical image registration

                               Publication on rigid medical image registration












  • I was born in Saloniki by Dionisis Savvopoulos with Alkisti Protopsalti. I dedicate this song to my highschool Math professor Mr Hatzistamatis who everytime he was turning on the lights with his finger was asking "How much power I have in my finger". and he was calling pumpkins (κολο...κύθες) the students who were not able to answer his questions.
  •   The song "Don't expect jokes" of Dionysis Savvopoulos with Eleftheria Arvanitaki and George Dimitriadis  is dedicated to my advisor J.Fredrick Cornhill from The Ohio-State University who was saying that in order to see him we should bring flowers to his secretary.
  • Favorite Link: Official Web Site of Dionisis Savvopoulos
  • The song Imagine by John Lennon is my all times favorite foreign song.
  • The song Friday I'm in Love by The Cure is dedicated to all the people who are considered cured. 
  • Lady Gaga A Bad Romance! The New Madonna!  
  • Lady Gaga and Beyonce Telephone.
  • Lady Gaga Ft Colby O' Donis Just Dance
  • 4 Non Blondes What's Up
  • Mandelbrot fractal
  • Η εικόνα “” δεν μπορεί να προβληθεί επειδή περιέχει σφάλματα.
  •  James Blunt Wisemen
  • Rammstein America
  • Neil Young The needle and the damage done on The Johny Cash Show  WBIR 2010 PICTURE BY ALI DEMIR
  • Baby with Justin Bieber as heard in the Shell Gas Station where I fuel my car
  • It had to be you my wending song from year 2000 with Harry Conick Jr.
  • Eleftheria Arvanitaki I don't speak for one night.
  • Jimis Panousis Giftaki.
  • Jimis Panousis Mera Omorfi
  • Stamatis Kraounakis I got Red Glasses
  • 3 songs under the general description I will go to the one that I have paid that my wife's grandmother was saying for doctors. "Θα πάω σε αυτόν που τον έχω πλερωμένο" :

                          Rafaella Carra  A Far l'amore comincia tu
                   Panos Katsimihas in a Pyx Lax Song 'Is there any goldfish over here?' link2
                   Manos Hatzidakis 'The nightmare of Persephone' link2



















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